What is this "miracle" weight-loss solution?

The good news is that it's not your "will power" or motivation at fault. An area of your brain called the diencephalon, in combination with your hypothalumus, is responsible for stubborn fat stores.

British physician Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or "hCG", in combination with a specific healthy low calorie diet, grabs your extra fat deposits -- no matter where it is stored -- forcing it into the blood stream where it is burned as energy. The end result is that your "problem" fat storage areas begin to shrink. Not just the "easy" fat. Dr. Simeons' patients lost both pounds and inches!

Dr. Simeons published his findings in 1954. Since that time, the success rate of Simeons hCG protocol for weight loss has been phenomenal. Dr. Simeons' weight loss method is so effective that few changes have been made despite four decades of new knowledge, and only recently has received the attention it deserves.

Safe And Healthy, With No Adverse Side Effects!

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally occurring hormone found in pregnant women, and has been used in various medical treatments in both men and women for decades without any adverse side-effects or health risks. As a weight loss aid, it can be safely used by men and women. Dr. Simeons has even documented treating overweight teenagers. The bottom line is that hCG has many health and wellness benefits. In fact, hCG has been shown in recent scientific studies to be an anti-cancer agent!

Have you tried several other weight loss programs and failed?

It’s probably because those diet plans addressed only one aspect of weight control and did not address the fact that your body itself might be working against your efforts.

  • Our personalised hCG weight loss program addresses all components of your holistic, natural medical weight loss objective.
  • Upon enrolment, you will receive a comprehensive packet of information about the steps to HCG Weight Loss success.
  • improve your metabolism.
  • Tremendous weight loss is a side-benefit of this specialty treatment.
  • A disciplined dieter can realistically loose 5-9  kg  per 3 week cycle and up to 15kg in a 6 week cycle .  Women tend  to loose less weight than men in the same time, however  dress size and measurement changes are  most significant in women.

Dr Morley and his staff will help you through a successful weight loss program:

  • Diets – we will show you how to eat natural and organic foods to promote healthy weight loss
  • Hormones – we will help you balance your hormones in order to reach your weigh loss goal
  • Lifestyle -  by learning to eat properly on your weight loss program you will be able to maintain your desired weight

At Emetheni  we  first  take blood tests and send it to the lab.  Dr Morley will analyse your hormones levels, your metabolism, your cholesterol levels, your liver, kidney, and thyroid functionality. 

He will look  for reasons why you might be retaining weight and recognises patients that have health conditions which might contribute to natural weight retention.  Our medical process is designed to help eliminate unnecessary medical risks and provide the information necessary to prescribe a successful program. 

All of our prescriptions come from the largest and most professional compounding pharmacy in Australia ( Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals) . 

Once your results are assessed  you will be provided with your prescription of hCG injections along with all necessaries for the program. Our staff will train you to inject yourself during the 3 or 6 week HCG cycle. The injections are painless and are easily self administered. Our HCG weight loss plan includes the support of our HCG weight program consultants. These supportive staff will guide and monitor your progress.

By 2015, it is estimated that 75 percent of the population will be obese. At least one study predicted that 90 percent of men and 70 percent of women will potentially become overweight.

Our goal is to help you prevent and recover from obesity, and achieve becoming the healthiest and happiest person possible.

Contact Emetheni to schedule an appointment to discuss the HCG Diet Programme.