How does it work?

As its name suggests, it is the only laser to emit two lights – a yellow light for vascular problems, acne, rosacea, melasma and skin rejuvenation/lightening, and a green light to treat pigmentation and bulky lesions.

Backed by numerous clinical trials, this high-performance laser offers arguably the widest range of treatments for a single laser with no bruising or crusting. Cue in the new generation of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.

5 reasons it's cutting edge

The Dual Yellow Laser offers the perfect wavelength for peak absorption for vascular and pigment reduction. This means:

  1. It is fast-working – most vascular and pigmentation problems can be treated in a single session. Skin rejuvenation and brightening, rosacea or face redness, and acne treatment can also be achieved within a few sessions!
  2. It respects the surrounding skin, and unlike most other lasers, doesn’t cause collateral damage.
  3. It produces less heat and causes less discomfort than most other lasers. Patients describe the feeling as similar to the flicking of a rubber band on the skin. Those with low pain tolerance can opt for topical anaesthetic, though it is usually not necessary.
  4. It is suitable for most skin types and body areas including the face, neck, chest, back, hands, arms and legs.
  5. It can successfully treat the widest range of pigment problems, including melasma.

Colour Coded

The Dual Yellow Laser is the only dermalogical laser to offer a yellow light and green light simultaneously for a wide range of treatments.

With a wavelength of 578nm, the yellow light matches the peak absorption of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. This allows it to coagulate vessels and treat blood vessel-related problems without damaging surrounding skin.

The green light on the other hand has a wavelength of 511nm, ideally absorbed by melanin contained within melanocytes to reduce pigmentation without collateral damage.