We are incredibly excited to welcome Shelby Brooks - Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Specialist to Emetheni. She is a medical and cosmetic tattooist with over 5 years experience.

Shelby specialises in micro blading of brows. She is a perfectionist, who believes that choosing the right colour tone for brows is integral! She also does beautiful lip and eye line tattooing.

Shelby's other services include medical tattooing of nipples for those who have been affected by breast cancer, lip tattooing to correct lip shape post surgery and treatment of the scalp for hair loss and alopecia.

Pricing: $650 Full Brow Tattooing and Follow Up.

Tattooing of other areas is priced on an individual basis.

For a free consultation call 5576 0285 to book.


Vicki Clearihan

Role: Head Dermal Aesthetic Therapist and Laser Technician

Vicki has been with the Emetheni team from day 1. She was recently voted Top 10 Dermal Therapists on the Gold Coast by Metropolist. With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, she has a wealth of knowledge for our patients and team to draw from. 

We asked her to share some of that knowledge with us.

1. What is your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment has to be IPL. IPL delivers such instant results for patients looking to turn back the clock on the appearance of sun damage and discolouration.

Vampire Facials are another one of my fave treatments, they deliver great results for those wanting texture improvement and photo damage correction. 

2. What is your favourite product?

That's a tough one! I am crazy about the entire Rationale range. Rationale's DNA Night Repair Cream and Immunologist Serum are incredible for just about everyone and are a great starting point. Corrective for older skin and preventative for younger skin, it is results driven, science based skin care that WORKS.

In saying that, the best anti-ageing product around will always be.... sunscreen! Thus why my absolute favourite product is Rationale's B3T SPF 50 Superfluid. 

3. Most dramatic result?

The HCG weight loss program that we offer at Emetheni has delivered really dramatic results for patients. Most women are loosing approx. 6-8 kilograms in just 3 weeks and keeping it off. Dramatic weight loss such as this, not only changes a persons appearance, it can really change their outlook on life!

5. How do you like to unwind?

As long as I have my toes in the sand and my husband and my puppy by my side I am happy. Nothing relaxes me more than the feel of an ocean breeze!


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an excellent treatment for those wanting to improve their skin's texture and luminosity whilst removing sun spots and pigment. 

Below we follow the journey from prep to results with one of our clients. I think we can all agree she lookS amazing!

Thanks so much to Brooke for sharing her IPL treatment diary with us.


I am feeling a little scared! Today I am having my first ever IPL. I have been prepping my skin for treatment with a prescribed treatment range from Rationale for the past two weeks and I am already noticing a great improvement in my skin.

Once I arrived at Emetheni for treatment I had a Numbing cream applied. The feeling was hilarious. It's really weird, not being able to feel your nose. I think I was thinking having a laser on my face would feel my skin was melting off. Surprisingly I didn't feel anything terrible at all. The treatment was actually pretty relaxing! It's like small rubber bands flicking your face softly. Then the next scary though I had was that I might come out looking like Freddie Kruger. Again, my face just looked like it had had a good deep facial scrub. My freckles all came out from hiding and I was a tiny bit red. But this all settled fairly quickly.



My face overnight felt a little tight and dry. After applying Rationale Ultracreme it felt soothed and hydrated again. The next day I had a surprise in the mirror. I saw all my freckles for the first time in years. It was like seeing myself at the age of ten again. "Where have you all been hiding?" I was told that the IPL would bring out the sun damage that caused all those little patchy marks, but i was surprised to see just how much pigment and sun damage had been hiding !



Over the next few days I had a little itching feelings all around the outside of my hair line. I felt like my skin was repairing. I continued to use my Rationale range to keep in skin hydrated and assist with healing. I saw the dark freckles turning darker and peeling off when I washed my face. It's was awesome. Like I was shedding years of dry layers finally to see new glowing skin underneath. 



This was really the turning point. Most of the freckles and dark pigmentation disappeared to magically let through a glow I haven't ever really seen. Except when I was pregnant. I didn't want to wear makeup as I didn't want to dull anything. I just added some blush and went to work.

The really fantastic thing about that day was all the comments from friends and co-workers about how healthy and well I looked. 



This morning I work up and got ready for work, looked in the mirror and saw a young beautiful woman. Today happens to be my birthday and instead of feeling a year old I feel several years younger! I had to take a picture with only a tinted moisturiser on and blush to savour the moment! This was the result.

I have been so thrilled with the results of my first ever IPL! I am definitely going to go back in a month for a second treatment. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

If you are interested in an IPL treatment call our office on 0755760285 to book a consult with one of our skin therapists and ask about our special IPL winter packages.


After 3 kids my body will probably never be the same again. 

After 3 kids my body will probably never be the same again. This is a truth I have come to accept. BUT! That doesn't mean I can improve on what I have been left with. I may be 10kg heavier than I was pre babies but I am slowly working towards a 5 kg weight loss goal. What I hate is that I keep loosing weight from all the "wrong" places like my face and breasts. In the meantime my love handles and tummy flab don't seem to budge.

This is why I turned to fat freezing! I wanted to sculpt my body and loose fat from specific places. I wanted to see my hard work exercising and eating well paying off for once!

When I first visited Emetheni I had a consult with Lisa who explained the process and what I would need to do after the treatment to ensure a good result. We also took photo's to be used as my "before" picture in future. I was told to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate underwear to the appointment and to bring something to keep me entertained as the treatment takes just over an hour. 

When I had my treatment Lisa applied a (very sticky and gooey) gel pad to the area. I wanted to attack my hips (love handles) first. The CLATUU fat freezing machine was then turned on and the handle was placed on my hip. I would describe this as a curved vacuum head. Once we agreed we had the right spot Lisa activated the suction. This feels really weird! Literally your flab is sucked into the handle! It feels cold, wet and tight. But not painful. Once the suction level was set the cooling process began. Lisa explained that it may become somewhat uncomfortable but that this would subside very quickly as the area became numb. 

The cooling did become a bit sore, kind of like holding an icepack on for too long, but this only lasted a minute or two. By the time I was 15 minutes into the session my hips were completely numb and I felt very relaxed and comfortable. 

At the 20 minutes mark Lisa covered me in a lux fluffy blanket and turned down the lights. I must admit I read for about 15 minutes and then dozed off.

Lisa reassured me that this was completely normal and that it wouldn't last long. 

It's not a weight loss treatment so don't expect to see big changes on the scales.

I was awoken by the beeping of the machine advising I had 5 minutes left. Lisa returned to remove the handles and talked me through what was going to happen when she did.

She said I wanted to see a "fat popsicle" (yuck) and oh boy did I! When she removed the handles I had 2 purple/red fat logs, one on each hip. Lisa covered each side with a towel and began massaging. As the blood retuned to the area so too did the feeling. The redness and the swollen log shape went away really fast. As the sensation came back I did experience a burning sensation. This lasted for about 5 minutes and was pretty uncomfortable. Lisa reassured me that this was completely normal and that it would last long. 

I was given a bottle of water and left to dress and by the time I walked through to reception I felt pretty normal. The area was still a bit red and a bit cold but the pain was gone. 

Lisa explained that over the next 2 weeks it was really important to eat well (low carb/low sugar) and to exercise. I found that I was really motivated to do the right thing. I didn't "crash diet" or anything crazy, I just ate well. Fish and salad, or steak and veggies and no naughty treats! I also went for a brisk half hour walk 3 times a week.

Lisa also explained that it would take my body several weeks to metabolise the fat. So I had to be patient to see the real result of the treatment.

Six weeks later I am thrilled with the results. My fav jeans are fitting better than ever and I feel more confident in swimwear. I can really see and feel a difference in the size and shape of my "love handles," and the tape measure agrees with me. I am 4 cm down around my hips!

I was so happy with the results in fact that I have now had my inner thighs and tummy treated too! I will share my "after" pics from those treatments in 6 weeks!

Overall if you want to sculpt your body and remove fat bulges from hard to budge areas then this is an excellent treatment. It's not a weightless treatment so don't expect to see big changes on the scales. That part is still up to you if thats what you want. You do still have to help your body metabolise the dead fat cells so don't expect and instant fix, but if you are patient and follow the instructions its well worth it to say bye bye to love handles!


+ Please note this client has had a spray tan in the after image.