Dark circles under the eyes can be the bane of peoples lives.


When we are in good health there are generally only three causes of dark circles: pigment, volume loss, and increased vascularity or blood vessels.

Pigment can be treated with lasers such as IPL or bleaching creams. Sunscreens are a must but try not to get them in your eyes. I've done that a couple of times, trust me, it's most unpleasant.

Volume loss is best addressed by using dermal fillers. Treating under the eyes with fillers is a little bit tricky. There is a fine line between giving somebody an improvement and giving them puffy eyes. Often the lateral or outer aspect of the eye needs to be addressed also and this is the secret to not developing puffy eyes. 

As to the blood vessels under the eyes, that's even more tricky. There really is very little we can do about that. In my experience, treating the volume loss under the eyes will frequently address the blood vessel issue as well. 

Now before you race over to the mirror and an examine your eyes, bare in mind that bags under the eyes of an entirely different conversation altogether. Bags are frequently what I referred to as family blessings. Some families have them and some families don't. You'll know if they're in your family, just look at the senior members at the next family gathering. Don't despair if you see things at the family gathering you don't like. I've needed an aspirin and a lie down ofter some of my family gatherings (sorry that was probably the alcohol)... just because it's in the family doesn't mean you're guaranteed to develop it, just likely... sorry!  

Getting back to the original topic of  dark circles under the eyes, please come in and chat about it. There is a role for covering make up but that sometimes can look a little plastered. The best option is to do a number of things to solve the problem that underlies the issue. 

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