Spring is well and truly here. Summer and the “silly season" are just around the corner! We have so many great treatments to get you feeling your best for summer. Here at Emetheni, the medical supported weight loss HCG program has been incredibly successful for many of our clients.  If you are wanting to lose weight this is the solution for you.


Get ahead of the game with HCG and start this summer feeling fantastic. 

Read a patient HCG diary below. We think the results are pretty amazing! 

DIET | Medically Supported Injectable HCG
TIMEFRAME | 3 weeks
COST | $550

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Firstly a little background info on me... 

I am not a fitness person and don’t usually do diets. I love to be social and active and go to the beach but with no stretch of the imagination would you see me running on a treadmill at a gym. 

I’m a healthy 24-year-old who loves to be social and go for a drink or two! Normally sitting on around 65kg but somehow managed to nestle my way up to the near 74kg range for about a year. 

I started my HCG journey to see what all the fuss was about (and probably because I’d put on a good 10kg from not watching what I eat).

I was in a rut, with my energy, exercise and eating. Constantly eating out, eating portions the size my 95kg boyfriend was dishing up for me with dessert as a necessity. My lifestyle revolved around sugar, drinking, and UberEATS!

I started HCG with my friend so we could support each other. The first two days I fat loaded, as was recommended, this quickly became hard to handle. I ate 3 egg yolks, 1 egg white omelette with bacon, cheese, feta, and lots of olive oil, with a side of halloumi! It seemed grand on day 1, but I quickly became over food. Then came phase 2: 500 calories per day with nothing but veggies and lean protein and a small amount of fruit. 

Phase 2 feels slow and the days feel long. My energy was fairly normal through phase 2. I didn’t seem to get hangry (a common word my bf would describe me previously if I had skipped a mere one meal for the day). I started being super creative with my foods. Buying kelp pasta, konjac noodles, cherry tomatoes, organic tomato paste and chicken breast. I used eggplant, zucchini, and tofu to make a water-based curry. The first few days I saw a weight loss of around 200-300g per day. After a week and a half of this, I had managed to drop 5kg. And of course started to feel motivated and happy with my efforts. I used Emetheni’s HCG booklet every day to plan meals and track my progress. The support the staff offered and the information they shared was invaluable.

 At the end of my 3-week program, I had lost 6.8 kgs and feel great. I highly recommend HCG to anyone who needs to kick-start their weightless in a supportive environment. It's a tough 3 weeks but well worth it. 


1. Do it with a friend
2. No social plans for 3 weeks
3. Pre-plan every meal
4. Have blueberries & green smoothies as a go-to snack
5. Keep exercise to a minimum
6. Buy a dress that’s a little too tight as motivation
7. Weigh your self every morning at the same time
8. No eating out what so ever
9. Drink 4L of water a day
10. Plan a night out when you finish!



HCG WEIGHT LOSS | Michael Shares His Story

The HCG weight loss program offered at Emtheni has been hugely successful for both men and women. Here we share the diary of one of our patient’s experiences with the program.

A huge thank you to Michael for sharing his story….

Over the years my ‘benchmark’ weight of 90kgs (I am 1.86m) was becoming less regular. Previously, taking an alcohol free month was enough to shed the excess weight however, this was becoming much more difficult as I became older and the weight was returning much quicker than before.

Being a long-haul International Airline Pilot involves long sedentary hours in the cockpit, high levels of fatigue (as a result of multiple time zone changes) and irregular meal times. Despite being reasonably healthy and active while at home e.g. surfing, utilizing a personal trainer, maintaining a healthy diet and sensible alcohol intake, my ‘benchmark’ gradually slipped away.

At end of December 2014, my clothes had rejected me and the weight gain over the Christmas period had reached a new peak.  When I weighed myself on New Year’s morning I was shocked at what I saw… 102.2kgs.  As you can see from the attached photo (Christmas lunch 2014), I carry my weight in my face and I quite literally felt like I was going to burst! I felt very unhealthy and the proof was in my raised BP and cholesterol, reduced energy levels and increased levels of snoring (according to my wife!)  

Dr Morley is my regular GP and he had previously completed a HCG program with impressive results therefore, I arranged a consultation with him. I explained my initial goal of reducing to 92kgs while on a three week HCG program with the longer term goal of returning to 90kgs. After recording all of my statistics (height, weight, BP, etc), Dr Morley assigned a mentor from Emetheni clinic (Liz) which I will expand upon later.

With the time frame for the program locked in and family and friends on-board, I commenced in a very positive state of mind. My starting statistics were; 102.2kgs/ 110cm waist (definitely not Men’s Health cover material).

Day two of the program I could not believe the scales… 100.3kgs! I would need to average 0.5kg weight loss every day to reach my 92.0kg goal and the initial large weight loss (normal under the program) was a real incentive.

Week One | I found the first week reasonably easy. In general I felt quite “uplifted” and there were very few occasions when I felt hungry. When I was feeling the need…“the need for feed”, I simply drank one litre of water with the twist of a fresh lime as quickly as I could. I found this an excellent solution and it also helped fulfil the daily water intake requirement.  Week one statistics; 97.5kgs/ 105cm waist (4.7kgs or 0.6kgs per day) 

Week Two | I was travelling with work during week two and this certainly made things more difficult. The time zone changes and flying through the night made it impossible to weigh myself at the same time every day therefore, I averaged the days I couldn’t record my weight. I made a decision to inject at the same time every day, (based on 0700am at home) rather than local time. I found that meal replacement shakes are excellent while travelling. They are very low calorie, satisfying and simple to prepare anywhere. Protein bars are also very good. Week Two statistics: 95.4/ 101cm waist (2.1kgs or 0.3kgs per day)

Week Three | Fortunately I was at home most of this week and I was determined to give my best in the home run. For two of the seven days I only consumed three meal replacement shakes, drank loads of water and several black coffees each day. Not the most interesting meal days however the results were excellent. 

Final statistics | Weight- 92.5kgs (9.7kgs reduction or 0.4kgs per day) Waist- 95cm (15cm reduction)     

Based on my experience during the program, I believe that there are four important bedrocks which are all linked and greatly increase the success of the program.   

1. Mentor | Having a mentor is a vital part of achieving a successful HCG program result.  During my first consultation, Liz clearly explained every aspect of the program and expertly trained me on how to administer the injections. Liz provided excellent support during the three week program and being able to discuss my progress (and plateaus) was the real key to ‘staying on the wagon’. 

2. Alcohol Consumption | The program does not allow consumption of alcohol. Normally I have January, July and October as alcohol free months. I also think warmer months are better (except Christmas/New Year) as you are naturally more active, would normally eat lighter meals and consume more water therefore, the decision to commence the HCG program in January was made that much simpler and increased the likelihood of success.  

3. Personal Calendar | As above, planning for success is vitally important. I chose the three week program as I thought this amount of time was manageable. Taking three weeks (or even six weeks) off work and devoting yourself to the program would be ideal however, I could not do this. Therefore, I ensured that I had everything I needed to maintain the program while I travelled overseas for work. This also ensured that I wouldn’t be tempted into a long lunch in my favourite Paris café! Dr Morley supplied me with a letter explaining why I was traveling with a vile of liquid and hypodermic needles which makes the program very safe and easy to maintain while away from home. 

4. Peer support | Family and friends. Without the support and understanding of those around you, the temptations maybe overwhelming. If those around you are planning events (birthdays, weddings, Christmas, weekend drinks, etc) or if they are the wrong influence for the discipline required of the program, you will need to manage your exposure to them. My wife was very supportive and helpful, particularly with meal preparations; in fact she also lost weight during the three weeks!

I was really impressed with results over such a short period of time (attached photo Jan 2015) and the warm, friendly and supportive environment of Emetheni really made the difference. I often say that Emetheni is my personal therapy! My weight has remained stable and I can certainly recommend HCG to those wishing to reset their personal weight benchmark.    

Michael Hackwood, Burleigh Heads Qld.
August 2015

To find out more about the HCG program click HERE and to book an appointment to with Dr Morley to discuss whether the HCG program would work for you please call 07 5576 0285.