ALL ABOUT THAT POUT | Diary Of A Lip Enhancement

For years I have envied those brave enough to have their lips filled, always too chicken to partake! 

In my twenties I had always felt I liked my lips, however during my pregnancies I LOVED my lips. They swelled beautifully as I gained weight and they felt full and luscious…. For the first time in my life I become lip gloss and lipstick mad! Post pregnancy though my lips felt shrivelled and thin and I noticed my lipstick tended to “bleed” not long after application.

I finally built up the courage and decided to take the plunge. I only wanted a very subtle enhancement. I really didn’t want anyone to notice I had had anything done. I was terrified of looking OTT and plastic! Dr Morley assured me that most lip enhancements are done for anti-ageing. Nothing outrageous or over the top. Just a pretty, subtle improvement. A small amount of filler is injected into the border, addressing that age associated flatness that starts to occur and a good amount of filler is injected into the corners to open the lips out again and remove that “turned down” older look. 

With that in mind Dr Morley injected 0.5 ml of Hyaluronic filler, in the upper and lower border and in the upper lip tissue. He also injected a muscle relaxant to the upper lip, both products were supplied by Allergan.

Prior to the treatment I had a numbing cream applied to lessen the pain. However I opted not to have a block as my main problem was lines forming above the lip from pursing and during the treatment I needed to be able to purse. I won’t lie, it hurt. But wow, the results were totally worth the pain. The good news is that it’s a very quick procedure with very little down time. I did experience some minor bruising but this only lasted 2 days and was easily covered by makeup. 

Now 8 months on I am still really happy with the results!