IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an excellent treatment for those wanting to improve their skin's texture and luminosity whilst removing sun spots and pigment. 

Below we follow the journey from prep to results with one of our clients. I think we can all agree she lookS amazing!

Thanks so much to Brooke for sharing her IPL treatment diary with us.


I am feeling a little scared! Today I am having my first ever IPL. I have been prepping my skin for treatment with a prescribed treatment range from Rationale for the past two weeks and I am already noticing a great improvement in my skin.

Once I arrived at Emetheni for treatment I had a Numbing cream applied. The feeling was hilarious. It's really weird, not being able to feel your nose. I think I was thinking having a laser on my face would feel my skin was melting off. Surprisingly I didn't feel anything terrible at all. The treatment was actually pretty relaxing! It's like small rubber bands flicking your face softly. Then the next scary though I had was that I might come out looking like Freddie Kruger. Again, my face just looked like it had had a good deep facial scrub. My freckles all came out from hiding and I was a tiny bit red. But this all settled fairly quickly.



My face overnight felt a little tight and dry. After applying Rationale Ultracreme it felt soothed and hydrated again. The next day I had a surprise in the mirror. I saw all my freckles for the first time in years. It was like seeing myself at the age of ten again. "Where have you all been hiding?" I was told that the IPL would bring out the sun damage that caused all those little patchy marks, but i was surprised to see just how much pigment and sun damage had been hiding !



Over the next few days I had a little itching feelings all around the outside of my hair line. I felt like my skin was repairing. I continued to use my Rationale range to keep in skin hydrated and assist with healing. I saw the dark freckles turning darker and peeling off when I washed my face. It's was awesome. Like I was shedding years of dry layers finally to see new glowing skin underneath. 



This was really the turning point. Most of the freckles and dark pigmentation disappeared to magically let through a glow I haven't ever really seen. Except when I was pregnant. I didn't want to wear makeup as I didn't want to dull anything. I just added some blush and went to work.

The really fantastic thing about that day was all the comments from friends and co-workers about how healthy and well I looked. 



This morning I work up and got ready for work, looked in the mirror and saw a young beautiful woman. Today happens to be my birthday and instead of feeling a year old I feel several years younger! I had to take a picture with only a tinted moisturiser on and blush to savour the moment! This was the result.

I have been so thrilled with the results of my first ever IPL! I am definitely going to go back in a month for a second treatment. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

If you are interested in an IPL treatment call our office on 0755760285 to book a consult with one of our skin therapists and ask about our special IPL winter packages.