Vicki Clearihan

Role: Head Dermal Aesthetic Therapist and Laser Technician

Vicki has been with the Emetheni team from day 1. She was recently voted Top 10 Dermal Therapists on the Gold Coast by Metropolist. With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, she has a wealth of knowledge for our patients and team to draw from. 

We asked her to share some of that knowledge with us.

1. What is your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment has to be IPL. IPL delivers such instant results for patients looking to turn back the clock on the appearance of sun damage and discolouration.

Vampire Facials are another one of my fave treatments, they deliver great results for those wanting texture improvement and photo damage correction. 

2. What is your favourite product?

That's a tough one! I am crazy about the entire Rationale range. Rationale's DNA Night Repair Cream and Immunologist Serum are incredible for just about everyone and are a great starting point. Corrective for older skin and preventative for younger skin, it is results driven, science based skin care that WORKS.

In saying that, the best anti-ageing product around will always be.... sunscreen! Thus why my absolute favourite product is Rationale's B3T SPF 50 Superfluid. 

3. Most dramatic result?

The HCG weight loss program that we offer at Emetheni has delivered really dramatic results for patients. Most women are loosing approx. 6-8 kilograms in just 3 weeks and keeping it off. Dramatic weight loss such as this, not only changes a persons appearance, it can really change their outlook on life!

5. How do you like to unwind?

As long as I have my toes in the sand and my husband and my puppy by my side I am happy. Nothing relaxes me more than the feel of an ocean breeze!