Anti-Ageing Treatments

We age because our hormones decline, our hormones don’t decline because we age. In men and women, hormone imbalances can occur from age 30 upwards. Every cell of the brain, heart, nervous system, bone, vascular system and skin requires multiple hormones to function properly. As hormone levels decline with ageing, the cells receive less hormonal stimulation and begin to degenerate. This leads to multiple unpleasant symptoms and eventually can play a role in the onset of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cognitive decline and osteoporosis. 

Dr Morley has completed extensive study on the hormonal aspect of anti-ageing medicine. He has attended numerous Australian and International Anti-Ageing conferences, and holds a diploma in Anti-Ageing Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M). He is also a member of the Australian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. He will assess your hormone deficiencies and work out the most appropriate treatment plan, to give you the best quality of life and feel your best. 

Medical Weight Loss - HCG Diet 

Losing weight obviously is good for your health... but, what exactly are the benefits?

It only takes losing a small amount of weight to make a significant health benefit. As little as 5% weight loss can make a great difference. Weight loss is vital in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, heart failure, type 2 Diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Maintaining a 10% loss of body weight can reduce, eliminate or prevent these diseases in overweight people. The health benefits are especially marked if you lose abdominal fat.

  • Reduce the risk of breast cancer, in particular if the weight is lost before the age of 45
  • Drop high blood pressure
  • Increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol)
  • Reduce the incidence of Diabetes by 58%

The link between weight loss and diabetes prevention is particularly striking. In the Diabetes Prevention Program, a lifestyle program that was conducted at several research institutions and included weight loss and physical activity components, participants dramatically reduced their risk of developing diabetes with a weight loss of just 7%. Another study found an 8% increase in the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer for every 11lbs gained.


  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Several forms of Cancer
  • Hormonal irregularities
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Gout


HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced by the human placenta during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman is not eating enough, HCG stimulates the release of fat from her body to provide fuel for the baby. It is believed that HCG may decrease or prevent hunger cravings and spare lean muscle when a patient is on a very low calorie diet. HCG also increases hormone levels in men and women that may increase metabolism.

The HCG program addresses what is missing from other programs:

  • Increases the rate of metabolism
  • Hunger suppression
  • Help in controlling type II diabetes and cholesterol
  • Boosts self esteem and self discipline
  • Heightens metabolism
  • Diminishes fatigue and irritability
  • Mood stabilisation
  • Spares lean muscle